Group Therapy

Group sessions promote peer learning in an interactive, motivating and supportive group environment.

Our group programs are designed to complement the child’s learning (at school, at home, or in 1- on – 1 speech pathology) by building an existing skills. These groups encourage the children in the group to learn from one another. We often see that children succeed in this group setting, and come out of the program feeling confident and empowered to apply the new skills that they have learnt. Group programs offer a reliable and affordable way of maximizing your child’s contact to learning.


Autism Spectrum Groups

Speech pathologists offer therapy, coaching, strategies to promote communication skills for Autism children. Autism spectrum groups at Speech Pathology for Kids Clinic are designed for those children who may benefit from extra support within a group of Autism children who are in the same level of skills and abilities.

Speech and Language Delay Groups

Children with language delay who are at the same age and have similar skills and abilities would benefits of group therapy sessions which might encourage them to learn from each other.